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South Padre Island where 75,000+ spring break students rage on the 5 mile strip with accommodations in South Padre Island ranging from low cost party hotels to 12 person luxury condos on the beach.

South Padre Island Spring Break is the most famous “drive down / road trip” destination in the US, with wide sandy beaches, and a warm Gulf climate that’s often in the 80’s during spring break & very predictable. Past acts on Spring Break in South Padre have included 50 Cent, Puddle of Mudd, Fat Joe, Fabolous, and MTV Spring Break Undercover, as well as the famous Coca-Cola Beach Stage Area. Plus, enjoy exclusive W.Fish events with celebs from both the Showtime Network & MTV Road Rules & The Real World at Club Chaos, and killer side trips such as the Party Yacht Cruise!

Why choose a South Padre Spring Break?

  • Huge condos sleep up to 10 each – bring everyone this year to South Padre Island for your Spring Break!
  • South Padre Spring Break road Trips are low-cash & easy to afford.
  • Spring Break in South Padre Island is clean & safe. – South Padre Island is the #1 Spring Break destination in the US
  • South Padre Island hosts over 100,000 spring break students per year in March alone!
  • Fly, drive, or take our luxury motorcoaches to South Padre Island.
  • A South Padre Spring Break has safe, good American food that won’t make you sick during your Spring Break.
  • Your cell phone & health insurance will work on your South Padre Spring Break..
  • All flights to South Padre Island are on Continental or American scheduled air – no South Padre Island Spring Break delays.
  • All South Padre Spring Break bars & clubs are 18 to party, 21 to drink in South Padre Island.
  • Kegs & alcohol are legal on the beach in South Padre Island, save money on your South Padre Spring Break.
  • South Padre Island is the southern most point in the continental US = warm weather on your South Padre Island Spring Break.

Personality types / vacation selection for South Padre Island:

South Padre Island rocks because:

  • The price, genius. $200-$500 to drive down. You can also fly there, or take a motorcoach.
  • Condos with kitchens & living rooms (plenty of room to hook up, and to party folks). Hotel rooms suck compared to a 3 bedroom condo!
  • Money. The cheapest place to go. You can cook in your kitchen, you can bring your own beer in, etc. Kegs are also legal on the beach.
  • Minors can get into the clubs. It’s 21 to drink, but 18 to party (only 17 to party if you have an Inertia Party Package, FYI)
  • Safety. It’s in the US. Your cell phone & health insurance work.
  • Some parents are cool with spring break, but against leaving the country, and we get that.
  • The weather. It’s further south than Miami, Florida. The weather in Panama City or Daytona typically sucks in March. Those destinations are also thugged out. Padre isn’t.
  • Lastly….over 75,000 students go there for Spring Break – HUGE.

South Padre Island blows because:

  • It’s not 18 to drink.
  • It lacks tons of great clubs & bars. (there’s a few though(
  • Not Mexico hot.
  • The traffic really blows. That’s why location IS key in Padre
  • The TABC. These are the Texas booze police. They like to dish out tickets like candy. If you’re in your condo, you are 99.9999% safe….it’s the .000000001% to at least consider!

Hook up Factor:

Girl to Guy Ratio:

35% girls
65% guys

Girls…did you see that?!!

A final word here:

Come on. You’re on our website. But objectively speaking, if you even look at someone else’s trip to South Padre, why?

Did you know that 7 other student travel Companies sell our Package here? Well, they do. We’re not naming names, but why in the hell would they pick us? Because we are Padre baby.

If you book with someone else, we’ll see you at our Party. So sorry! You’re Welcome at our events, because We Party! Spring Break!

You will notice that our travelers will cut our 4000+ people event lines, so expect a 30-45 minute wait to get in, and a $20 cover charge, because that’s what we charge each night, toots!

Is that other Company giving you fast food meals free? Gross. Are they selling you a hotel 3 miles from the clubs? Jeez, are you sure you want that?

Selecting a hotel or condo in South Padre Island:

Ladies & Gentleman, it matters more in South Padre than anywhere else, because the strip is 5 miles long, and traffic comes to a stand still Texas week. But you have your car, right? DUI. Spell it out. And, the traffic just doesn’t move, so you can’t even get a cab. Don’t be misled about a “free shuttle” – it’s called The Wave, and it only runs during the day.

Sure, most of the good condos cost more…but if you can walk everywhere, think of the time & aggravation that will save you. People forget how much they’ve paid once they get there, so try to talk your group into spending more than they really wanted….you’ll be glad you talked them into it.

Really quick, we’ll recommend a few…this list is NOT exhaustive…but based on location, and being on spring or grad break, these are where to stay: (if you’re not a spring breaker, avoid these!)

Money is not an issue Baby!

  • Saida Towers – Hands down, the best place to stay. Next to the Sprite Re-mix beach on the ocean, and the Radisson. We like the Radisson too, but a full on condo at Saida is cheaper than a standard hotel room, and security aren’t dinks.
  • The Radisson – We don’t even offer it, but if you’ve got $300 a night, it’s sweet. Packed. NO OUTSIDE BOOZE OR BEER – Beware!
  • Sunchase IV – Want the nicest room / condo suite you’ve ever in your life stayed in? Drop the jaw plush & pimp. Go all out. Location is a 10! 2 levels, ocean front, some units are $1 million plus in value. Daddy sez yes!

Money matters, but we still want it on the beach & nice:

  • Aquarius – A cheap 2 bedroom condo on the beach in a superb location. Make friends on the first day with the front desk guy, or they can be jerks about bringing your spring break date back

Put me in a great location, low price:

  • Fisherman’s Wharf – On the lagoon side, but the room all have a kitchenette, and as long as you aren’t causing damage, you can party here.
  • International – 1 bedroom condos beachfront. Location is a 5 though, located by the Bahia Mar.

Gotta be the cheapest possible or we can’t go:

  • Gulfview – Location sucks, but the room/condos there are actually really nice. Good pool, 1000 feet to the beach.

Honorable Mention

  • Bahia Mar Resort – Location is a 1 (1 being the worst). But there IS a party up there breakers!

When you arrive in South Padre Island:

Hey, most of you will just drive down. Watch your speed south of Harligen, and east of Brownsville. The 5-0 are waiting you, and we mean it. If you’re going even 1 mph over the speed limit, you’re getting an unpleasant welcome surprise, called an expensive-ass ticket.

If you fly in, all of the valley regional airports (McAllen, Harlingen, and Brownsville) are small, nice, and quite new. We offer transfers as an option to all of our trips for just $29 per person, that’s half off! If you’re going down on your own, you can arrange for transfers for about $60-$80 each from Go with Jo! Travel (www.gowithjo.com) (800.999.1446). Jo is the cheapest way to go.

Forget about taking a cab Diddy, because that’s about $80 each way.

If you come down with W.Fish Tours, just look for the Go with Jo! Rep, and they’ll direct you to the shuttle. Listen to when they say that they are going to be picked up at the end of your trip, or you’re screwed. The ride is long…plan for about 2 hours from the time you get your bags to getting to our check in, which can take awhile because we check in 1000+ students per week. No worries, we have free beer at our Welcome Party while you wait for your turn!

Being prepared to be patient will make you and your group have a much better start to their vacation.

Party Packages:

Buy one. Buy the best one offered. While laying out $100 right away sucks, these packages are time-tested, and offer a good value. We don’t care if you’re traveling with us or not, you should buy one no matter what. A cover charge in South Padre will run you $10-$20 per night, depending on if you’re 21 or not. It’s always $5 cheaper if you’re 21…but you’ll never pay less than $10.00 this year, so be prepared. With a party package, your cover is obviously free.

Also, once you do, don’t think that “you’re done spending money” because this is spring break, and drinks in Padre will run you $12.00 each (now, they’re 44 oz., and have 7 or 8 shots in them!) so…plan accordingly. Pre-party in your condo to save some cash.

Spending Money:

Guys:  Bring a minimum of $250 USD or don’t go.
Girls:   Bring a minimum of $250 USD or don’t go.

Once you get to our office to check in:

We require two open credit card vouchers per room for excessive damages. Also, we take photocopies of each person staying in the room’s ID.

If you’ve booked your own vacation without Wicked Fish Tours….be ready for some unpleasant, and unexpected or hidden “fees.” These typically are as follows:

  • Cleaning: $30.00
  • Booking Fee: $50.00
  • Linen Fee: $25.00
  • Tax: 13.5%
  • Security Wristband Fee: $25.00 per person or more
  • Processing fee: $15.00
  • Refundable Cash Damage Deposit $$$: $50.00 per person, $100.00 per person if you’re a Mexican national, or under 21.

We’re always amused when people call us at Wicked Fish Tours to tell us that “they’ve gotten a better rate elsewhere.” Really? Well, after you add all those junk fees in, we always have a lower rate.

If you have a condo:

Be aware of the fact that condos do not have daily maid service, so Nazi-guard your towel for the week. You’ll also need to plan on leaving the place clean, because you’ll get charged for “excessive cleaning,” and the towels….yeah, they charge about $20 each, so don’t use them on your shoes.

The Beach:

While we understand your need for a “romantic” spring break walk at night, South Padre is truly the ONLY destination that really is safe at night to be on the beach (not in the water dumb ass, the beach). So, get your groove on, remember, what could be finer than being tanked on cheap liquor and going for a moonlight stroll with your one night stand? Throw your protection away when you’re done, that’s gross.


Stay in groups. Be realistic…people hook up on spring break, it happens (wow, are you surprised)…just have one person you are with as a buddy that knows where you are going. We know people lie because they don’t want others to know that they are hooking up, but seriously….just have one person that you trust to tell. If you ARE the buddy, don’t make moral judgements that might cause your hooking up friend to lie to you. However, if someone is so intoxicated that they don’t know what’s up…help them please.

Thank God, in South Padre Island, your cell phone will work. Use them.

The Wave Bus:

The Wave comes about every 45 minutes along Padre Blvd, you can pick it up at The Sunchase Mall, the Bahia Mar, or The Blue Marlin Grocery Store. It’s free….but….only runs during the day, and is slow as hell.

The Cabs/Taxis:

Are dirt cheap in South Padre. Plan on spending about $2.50 each to go one way, anywhere. But….during the middle two weeks in Padre, they won’t take you to the South end of the island by the Saida or Radisson because traffic is so jacked up, you can’t move.


Nice, expensive:

  • Joseph’s Restaurant – Right on the ocean, 100% of it rocks. Our Favorite. $20/person

Middle of the road price but good:

  • Konami Sushi – Sushi
  • Amberjacks – good / decent seafood
  • Schlitterbahn’s Shrimp Haus – Fried shrimp best on the island, easily
  • Louie’s – great fajitas on special.


  • Rovan’s Bakery – surprisingly good
  • Sunset Deli – Sandwiches homemade & delicious


  • Clayton’s Beach Bar
  • Louies – On the lagoon….but too many locals for our taste. Over priced everything, and no contests. A dj, liquor, and locals, what else do you need I guess.
  • Club 202 – On the lagoon, smaller, more intimate. Great mardi gras on Wednesday night, Real World MTV cast is there. They have the cheapest beer & liquor prices of any spring break bar, which is big time good thing!

Pre-party Bars:

  • Quarterdeck at the Radisson – Busy year-round, too. If you’re 30+, good scene. Dancing.
  • Jake’s – Great food here, we missed them. Draft beer always cold
  • Club 202 – Do a sunset happy hour, 6 beers $5.00. Not a misprint.

Side Trips:

Do at least one of these. I know you’re going to get bombed every day, but seriously, we are talking about some of the best beaches, and clearest water in the ENTIRE world…so take advantage!

  • Surfing Lessons – Includes a long board, wet suit, and lesson with Resident Inertia Pro Surfer Gene Gore (takes the ladies out), and his paddle board champ wife Rachel (takes the boys out, she’s not hard on the eyes fellas!) $30.00 ½ hour lesson. They run www.spadre.com as well. South Padre Surf Company.
  • Mexico Border Bash – Includes Round Trip luxury motorcoach from South Padre to Brownsville, Texas, and full American staff. In Brownsville, you’ll walk across the international bridge (no passport or birth certificate required, just a drivers license). Includes 2 clubs open bar, all you care to drink for 2.5 hours, safe staff, and ride back. $30.00. Night event, an Inertia Tours exclusive. We’re not only the original Company providing this, we’re the only one.
  • Dolphin Watch Tour – Aboard the glass bottom 60 foot Getaway. 2 levels, narrated tour. One of the wonders of nature, SPI has the most dolphins in the wild in North America. You are 100% guaranteed to see them! Bring your camera. They have a sweet souvenir picture in front of the yacht when you’re done for $5, and it’s actually worth it. Provided bywww.breakawaycruises.com. Year round. $20.00
  • Party Yacht Cruise – Includes cover charge after to Tequila Frogs, and Inertia Tours exclusive event, since we’re the only Company big enough to pull it off right. 2 hours with beer, contests, music, and more. $25.00
  • Fishing: Is expensive, but INCREDIBLE. If you have a large group, it can be less money to do it. Expect to pay $60-$200 per person to go for the boat, equipment, and some beer. Offered as a discount for coming down with Inertia by www.breakawaycruises.com
  • Day Shopping Trip to Mexico – provided by our affiliate Original Tours and close Inertia friend, Chris Brandriff. Chris is an island native, and can tell you anything about Mexico & South Padre. Includes a guided tour, round trip motorcoach, and you can buy a meal at Garcias at your own cost. $30.00 any day, Inertia’s office can set it up cheaper if you stop into Sunchase Mall at our office.
  • Jet Skiing: You can rent equipment at Palm Street Pier by Tequila Frogs. $35-$50 for a Half hour. Check the equipment over though, or you could get charged if something was broken when you bring it back.
  • Parasailing: NOTICE: Only do this with www.breakawaycruises.com. They are super safe, coast guard approved Captains, and it’s the ONLY Company our owner will allow students to consider for safety reasons. Offered year round for $70 for a tandem (that’s right, you can go up with a friend!) off the back of a boat, you don’t get wet, and no dangerous beach landings. You’ll need a non-windy day, or they will not take you up. Take $20 off the retail price if you stop by our office at Sunchase mall.

A note about air travel to South Padre Island for year round guests not on or considering an Inertia Tours trip:

Check www.southwest.com airlines into Harlingen, Texas if you have a Southwest gate at your nearest large airport, they are dirt cheap to South Padre Island if you book it early enough.