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Cancun is an astonishingly gorgeous paradise created specifically as a playground of indulgence. Whatever people do in Cancun, stays in Cancun, so we don’t have to tell you how crazy it can get. Cancun is undoubtedly going to be the best year yet. Some people are happy to do nothing more during the day than enjoy the phenomenal beaches and water, soaking up the sun after a long winter, frequenting beach bars and poolside parties when they have the inclination or energy. Others choose to take a day trip to the ancient Mayan ruins at Tulum or the Temple of Kukulcan at Chichen Itza, or a cruise through the lagoon mangrove jungle. Take a cruise from Cancun to the waters off of Cozumel, home to the second largest coral reef in the world. Go snorkeling or scuba diving and explore the largest dive site in the Western Hemisphere. No matter how lazy or active you are during the day, nighttime is when Cancun comes to life. The clubs, like La Boom, Senor Frogs, Dady’O and Coco Bongo, can entertain thousands with incredible light shows and energetic dance floors. The clubs will offer drink specials as well as contests and stage shows to keep the party going all night. Stay in one club all-night or go club hopping. The party doesn’t stop until the last person leaves! The major tour operators will have featured nights-these are the best parties, where the crowds will be huge and the dancing intense. Cancun is a Spring Break paradise that offers everything you can imagine. You’ll go home laughing with a tan, maybe some braids or new tattoos, tons of memories, and probably a few secrets too!

 Personality types / vacation selection for Cancun:

Cancun rocks because:

Any week, there are students there

It’s still the #1 spring break destination in the world
The water, and the beach stupid. The water is clear over 100 feet deep, and bath water warm.
The weather simply rocks.
American restaurants & food, if that’s your thing
Student friendly, they’re ready for you
MTV is there one week filming some events
Cancun blows because:

 The price. It cost a lot not only to get there, but once you are there, the spending money is way pricey & high buck

The clubs are open bar, but require huge tips. $5 per drink for guys is commonplace. It’s not bad if you know about it up front.
That’s it. Don’t be fooled, Cancun is #1 for a reason.

Hook up Factor:

Girl to Guy Ratio:

Girls: 40%

Guys: 60%

 Selecting a hotel in Cancun:

Ladies & Gentleman, it DOES matter in Cancun. Why? Cancun is huge fool, that’s why! If you want the Oasis, sweet, the pool & beach rock. But….it’s about a 45 minutes bus ride to La Boom or Fat Tuesday….so that’s not cool. The places to really stay are up by the “party center” w hich is the area up by Dady O’, Coco Bongo, BullDogs, and The City nightclubs.

Sure, most of those hotels cost more…but if you can walk everywhere, think of the time & aggravation that will save you. People forget how much they’ve paid once they get there, so try to talk your group into spending more than they really wanted….you’ll be glad you talked them into it.

Please, don’t buy into the “we won’t be in the hotel much anyway.” You will. If you don’t have hot water, if it takes forever to get someplace, or the staff seems shady, your friends will complain to you.

Really quick, we’ll recommend a few…this list is NOT exhaustive…but based on location, and being on spring or grad break, these are where to stay: (if you’re not a spring breaker, avoid these!)

Money is not an issue Baby!

Krystal – location, money nice

Hyatt Regency – American, sweet as hell, location
Oasis Cancun – Best day time action in Cancun, huge pool
Money matters, but we still want it on the beach & nice:

 Sheraton – American name, sweet beach, 5 star

Intercontinental Presidente – Worldwide chain, very nice pool, location
Costa Real – Packed with students, fun pool, by La Boom
Put me in a great location, low price:

 Girasol, Carissa, Palma, Salvia – These 4 towers are all about the same. Killer location, on beach, crappy rooms

Mirmar Mision – A step up from the above, great pool/location
Gotta be the cheapest possible or we can’t go:

 Oasis Americana – Downtown. Rooms are VERY nice…the only downtown property to consider. Still, it’s 20 minutes best case from the beach.

When you arrive in Cancun:

 Have your passport. This process to get through customs will take about 30 minutes, so be mentally prepared for this. Bags take forever to come out as well, allow about another 30 minutes for that, then tack on another 30 minutes for everyone to load the bus. Finally, it will take about 30 minutes to get to your hotel, and another 30 minutes for check in.

In other words, from the moment you step off of the plane, to the moment that you set your bags on your bed in your room at your hotel, it will take 2 ½ hours, give or take a few. Being prepared to be patient will make you and your group have a much better start to their vacation.

Party Packages:

Add our TruVIP Party Package

$199 for 4 nights / $240 for 5 nights
Includes transportation every night to clubs, VIP table service
With unlimited SEALED BOTTLES from 10 pm to 2 am. This
Is NOT a misprint – day time Premium Booze Cruise excursion
Also included open bar with lunch, water slide on yacht, amazing!

 Also, once you do, don’t think that “you’re done spending money” because this is Cancun.

Spending Money:

Guys: Bring a minimum of $500 USD or don’t go.

Girls: Bring a minimum of $300 USD or don’t go.

 Why more for the Guys? You gotta tip the bartenders like a rock star, EVEN IF it is open bar, just to get a drink. Then, you have a lady friend in tow, and you are spending $5 per two drinks. Sorry, this is Cancun, and everything is expensive here!

How to get to your hotel:

Hopefully, your vacation package includes this. If it does not, do NOT buy it from the Mexicans hawking (selling) it inside the airport by baggage claim. Buy it outside from Best Day Tours….pay no more than $30 roundtrip. All Wicked Fish Tours packages to Cancun include round trip transfers through our travel affiliate partners – don’t buy it. If you’re confused where to go, ask ANY American staff member from a spring break tour company, and they can assist you. The staff will have on bright shirts, with staff badges on.

Once you get to your hotel:

Some properties need a credit card open, or a cash deposit to insure against any damages. It’s important to just keep all of your receipts, this is Mexico after all.

Remember, tipping the bell captain/boy is a must here. Not doing so can result in later theft from your room! $1 USD per person is fine.

Your hotel:

Inquire at check in about safety deposit boxes. You’ll probably be required to put down a cash deposit for the key to the box, but use it for your passports/birth certificates/drivers licenses AND TOURIST VISAS (you won’t need these again until you leave…as well as any cash or travelers checks you have.

Carry no more than $80 USD at a time. You can change your money at the Casas de Cambio located up and down the strip – avoid changing money at the hotel. Funny thing is, you can get the BEST exchange rate by using your ATM card – there is no fee to do so either, REGARDLESS of where you bank! Also, Senor Frogs & Carlos n’ Charlies give kick ass exchange rates too.

QUICK TIP: Write down on a small piece of paper PROPINA and put it under clear ash tray by the phone. Propina means “Tip” in Mexico, you might as well get used to this fast. $2 USD per day per room is an ABSOLUTE MUST, it will a.) make your room super clean b.) facilitate you getting extra towels, called Toyas (spelled here as you would speak it) – it means towels. and c.) the maids not railing all of your stuff in your room while you are away! People who don’t tip can get robbed! Think about it…if you guys are tipping, and the other rooms are not, who’s shit are going to rail, yours, or theirs? That’s an easy one. Mexicans are generally very honest, but if theft is problematic at the lower, non-American hotel chains.

The Beach:

While we understand your need for a “romantic” spring break walk at night, “just say no” because…if you happened to be boinking on the beach at night, the locals can a.) rob you b.) rape you or c.) the damn hotel security will threaten to take you to jail (they can’t by the way, the beach IS federal property, not the hotels, but anyway)…so…you’re naked, the locals take your clothes (which might have your money in it) and off they go. So, stay off of it at night 🙂


Stay in groups. Be realistic…people hook up on spring break, it happens (wow, are you surprised)…just have one person you are with as a buddy that knows where you are going. We know people lie because they don’t want others to know that they are hooking up, but seriously….just have one person that you trust to tell. If you ARE the buddy, don’t make moral judgements that might cause your hooking up friend to lie to you. However, if someone is so intoxicated that they don’t know what’s up…help them please.

Guys too, guys can get wasted and rolled for their money at night. ALWAYS KEEP 6 PESOS IN YOUR POCKET…that’s your money home. The bus, or Ruta in Spanish, only costs 6 Pesos, or $.60 cents to go anywhere.

The Bus:

Ride it in groups, particularly the ladies. You can drink on the bus, which is cool. It costs 6 PESOS or $.60 cents to go anywhere. You can hop on the Ruta or bus about every 200 yards, which is a big benefit to going to Cancun. They run 24 hours per day.

The Cabs/Taxis:

Are expensive…expect about 50 Pesos or $6.00 USD per way. Girls, DO NOT TAKE CABS ALONE under any circumstances.


Nice, expensive:

El Faro – (across from Cancun Palace Hotel) best restaurant in Cancun

Cambalanche – In Forum Mall, by Hard Rock. Get the Filet Mignon
Middle of the road price but good:

 Hard Rock

Planet Hollywood

Rain Forest Café
Outback Steakhouse

 Any fast food is fine.


Coco Bongo: Cool club at Party Center. Has a Vegas style show. The place needs to turn on the air conditioning though, we can’t stand it that hot!

La Boom: The venerable “best” club in Cancun. Open after all other clubs close. The DJ Skribble party there is good. Go outside to avoid the heat…it’s a great place to meet girls/guys as well.
Fat Tuesday: Best place during the day. Get a Shark Attack or a 180 Octane Daquiri, you’ll be wasted. MTV does some filming here.
The City: Maybe the best club in Cancun. On the ocean, at the Party Center.
Bulldogs: Best service & drinks. At the Hotel Krystal, at the Party Center.
Pat O’briens: Best Mardi Gras party, but that’s not surprising. Drink three or more hurricanes in one night and something’s bond to happen!
Margaritaville: For a cocktail or a pre-party drink, great place. Expensive though.
Dady O’s / Dady Rock: If you’re a little older but still like the spring break scene, you’ll have better luck sharking here at Dady Rock. Dady O’ is a huge club, very nice, but long lines for drinks piss us off.


 Bar Del Mar: They do a 2 hour open bar for like $10.00. We like it, the club scene gets old after awhile. Across from Senor Frogs.

Senor Frogs or Carlos n’ Charlies: You already know. A lot of old people party here and think they are really cool, but you still MUST check them out.

Side Trips:

 Do at least one of these. I know you’re going to get bombed every day, but seriously, we are talking about some of the best beaches, and clearest water in the ENTIRE world…so take advantage!

Jungle Tour: There’s not really a jungle. You get on an old skol jet ski and go through the mangroves, then go snorkeling. Really, it’s a snorkeling Excursion. Expect to pay $35 to $50 for it. The lobby at your hotel will have a Mexican that can hook you up.

Tulum: Do this one. It’s the one with the Mayan Pyramids. Most spring breakers are too cheap to spend the $70-$90 for this full day tour…but you should. The ruins sit on the possibly the best beach in the entire world (part of the reason they may have been built there.).
Cozumel: Only if you are a hard core snorkel or scuba diver should you bother with this full 12 hour tour. $150-$250 with snorkeling, about $60 more for scuba gear.
Fishing: Is expensive, but INCREDIBLE. If you have a large group, it can be less money to do it. Expect to pay $60-$200 per person to go for the boat, equipment, and some beer.
Isla Mujeres: This is really a great little day excursion. You can hook up a ferry over to the island (only takes about 30 minutes to get over) by going to the little tour guy at your hotel by the front desk. It’s small there, and you can rent snorkeling equipment right on the beach.
Jet Skiing: You can rent equipment in front of most hotels. $60-$80 for a half hour. Check the equipment over though, or you could get charged if something was broken when you bring it back.
Parasailing: Hook this up at AquaWorld, across the street basically from the Omni, down by the Oasis Cancun.
Swim with the Dolphins: Again, ask at your hotel front desk. There are two to choose from, the ‘pet the dolphins” – which sucks, and the “interactive” which means they drag your sorry ass around the pool and play with you in the water. It’ll be $100, but seriously, INCREDIBLE!
All you need to know about Cancun


Geography Mexico is the third largest nation in Latin America (after Brazil and Argentina) covering 1,972,550 square kilometers. The country has a wide variety of terrain, from high rugged mountains and low coastal plains, to rainforests, high plateaus and desert. Various massive mountain ranges include the Sierra Madre Occidental in the west, the Sierra Madre Oriental in the east, the Cordillera Neovolcanica in the center and the Sierra Madre del Sur in the south. Lowlands are largely along the coasts and the Yucatan Peninsula. The interior country is high plateau. There are many rivers in Mexico, though few are navigable. Most are short and run from the mountain ranges to the coast. Cancun is located on the northeast point of the Yucatan Peninsula, 350 miles southeast of Miami, Florida.

MoneyThe official currency of Mexico is the Mexican Peso. The rate of exchange against the US dollar fluctuates daily. Most hotels have a currency exchange desk, but you will get the best rates at banks and exchange houses. Mexican banks are generally open from 9am to 2:30pm weekdays. Exchange houses are open longer and provide faster service. Banks will give cash advances in pesos, for a fee, if you have a major credit card. Most restaurants, bars and shops accept major credit cards. You may want to notify your credit card company in advance to be sure you are set up to access your card outside the country. ATM machines are available and most bank cards with Cirrus or Visa/Mastercard status can be used; check with your bank before you leave to be sure. Keep in mind the machines will dispense Mexican Pesos, not U.S. Dollars.

LanguageSpanish is the official language of Mexico, spoken by nearly all. About 8% of the population speaks an indigenous language; most of these people speak Spanish as a second language. Knowledge of the English language is increasing rapidly, especially among business people, the middle class, returned emigrants, and the young. In major travel destinations, such as Cancun, English is spoken in most shops, restaurants, and public places.

DocumentsU.S. Citizens may use one of the following for entry into Mexico:
• Valid Passport
Very strict regulations govern international travel by minors into Mexico. Every minor must have a tourist card, proof of citizenship and sometimes other documents listed below.
• Minors travelling with both legal parents or guardians: nothing else is needed.
• Minors travelling unaccompanied or with anyone other than their legal parents or guardians: they must obtain an original notarised letter of permission signed by both parents.
• Minors travelling with only one parent: must have notarised written permission from the other parent.
(Airlines will also require the name, address and phone of the person meeting the unaccompanied minor upon arrival in Mexico.)
In the case of deceased or divorced parents: legal proof must be carried to accept just one signature on the letter. This proof (death certificate, proof of sole custody etc.) can also be shown to a notary who can then notarise an Affidavit of Sole Custody form.
Non-US citizens should contact a Mexico Tourist office for more information.

Time ZoneCancun is on Central Standard Time year round.

Transportation Government certified taxis have a license with a photo of the driver and a taxi number prominently displayed. Most of them have a meter, although, more often than not, it is broken. Always choose your taxi, don’t let the taxi choose you. Never share a taxi with strangers nor allow the driver to pick up additional passengers. Agree upon a price before you get into the taxi. Many drivers will ask you what you want to pay to get a sense of how street-smart you are. The doorman or front desk personnel at your hotel can help you with acceptable fares. The local bus system is the cheapest way to get around; it only costs 5 pesos (50 cents US) Buses come along every so many minutes so there is never too long of a wait and during spring break, the bus is an excellent way to meet new people! Getting off the bus can be a bit confusing. Stop buttons are usally located at different intervals on the side of the buses, and once you press the button, the bus driver will let you off at the next available stop. You can also ask the bus driver to let you off at a certain place if you are not sure of the location or call out “ALTO”! (this means STOP in spanish!) when you are close to your destination.

Weather Some like it HOT! During the day, temperatures range from the mid to high 80s, but the light ocean breeze makes the climate quite enjoyable. A message to those who worship the sun – WEAR THAT SUNSCREEN! The evening weather is a bit cool; it’s nature’s way of keeping the hot clubs from catching fire! Rain is very rare for the spring break season!

Dress CodeTechnically, there isn’t one in Cancun, but guys must wear a shirt into the clubs.

Electrical SystemNo worries, your blow dryers and clothes irons will work without adapters.

Tipping Every dollar counts when you are a college student, but please don’t forget to tip the people who are good to you: bartenders, waitresses, maids, bellboys.

Phone CallsCollect phone calls to home are very expensive. The best way to call home is to purchase a Telmex calling card when you arrive. These cards are available at any convenience store or hotel shop; 30 pesos for 3 minutes; 50 pesos for 5 minutes; 100 pesos for 10 minutes. The cards can be used at the white Telmex pay phones by inserting the card. There is a language button on the phone that will allow you to receive instructions in English. If you are going to place a collect call, it is wise to check with the hotel operator before you call to verify what the charges will be. Calls made from the hotel can cost around $40 US for just a few minutes, so it is best to call people in the states from a pay phone and five them your number in Mexico. It is less expensive to call Mexico from the US. It’s also best to have the hotel turn off your long distance priviledges so that you know that your hotel phone bill will not incur an unexpected charge at the end of the week. The cheapest and easiest way to contact home is by email. Ask your Inertia representative on location for the closest CyberCafe or Internet service provider.

Prescription DrugsKeep all medication with you at all times. Do not put it in with your checked luggage and keep it in the prescription bottle.

Vendors/Locals Most stores are open from 10am to 10pm Monday thru Saturday. Some stores may close between 2pm and 4pm for the traditional siesta. Many convenience stores, including Wal-Mart stay open 24 hours as well. If you are bargain shopping, and you don’t mind “haggling” for the best price, you will want to visit the Mexican Flea Markets. Be prepared to be bombarded, the locals will try to persuade you to look and buy their wares. Don’t ever pay the first price they give you – They will try to rip you off! Bargain with the salesperson to get your best price.

GovernmentMexico has a chief executive (president), a bicameral legislature, a judicial system with a Supreme Court, local and federal courts, and an administrative subdivision of 31 states and one federal district.



$199 for 4 nights / $240 for 5 nights
Includes transportation every night to clubs, VIP table service
With unlimited SEALED BOTTLES from 10 pm to 2 am. This
Is NOT a misprint – day time Premium Booze Cruise excursion
Also included open bar with lunch, water slide on yacht, amazing!