Spring Break 2017 Wicked Fish Tours
Wicked Fish Tours is proud to offer the most exciting Spring Break packages at the best possible price to our students. Save money on your trip so you can spend more when you get there. One of our Spring Break specialists will send you a customized quote within 24 hours. See You On The Beach!

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chuggin fishWicked Fish Tours? Even my mom was confused how i could own a fishing company even though i don’t own a boat and i hate fish. We are NOT a fishing company, we are a spring break tour operator. Here’s how it all began and the name shall be explained.

I founded this company while attending the University of Texas at Austin. I had the business plan but i was missing a name.  I struggled for weeks to find a name i wanted to run with. Finally, i decided to take the approach most college students in Austin take to solve a perplexing problem, grab your buddies for a night of drinking on 6th street. Much wisdom has been realized from the bottom of an empty shot glass. We made our typical round of the bars on 6th street and literally stumbled into a bar with open windows and loud music. In this bar, Wicked Fish Tours was born. After responsibly drinking a few shots at the bar, nature called and i found my way to the restroom. This smelly, damp, dimly lit oasis was our birth place.  I found a urinal to relieve myself and had my “Eureka moment”. On the wall above was a tile painted with this fish. I took a picture on my phone and made the way back to my drunken compadres excited to share my discovery. Indeed it was a “Wicked Fish”. The name stuck and now we have led the party for thousands of college students surely assisting them in finding some wisdom of their own.