Spring Break 2017 Wicked Fish Tours
Wicked Fish Tours is proud to offer the most exciting Spring Break packages at the best possible price to our students. Save money on your trip so you can spend more when you get there. One of our Spring Break specialists will send you a customized quote within 24 hours. See You On The Beach!

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Wicked Fish Tours was founded on a very simple premise:

Our goal is to provide students with trips that will provide them with nights they usually can’t or don’t want to remember!

Over 15 years continuous spring break experience

Family-owned & operated means we care about you

Lowest Prices assured – no fake guarantees, sometimes quality costs more

Buy the cheapest, & you’ll get what you paid for every time. We match prices, provided EVERYTHING about the trip is equal. If we have better meals that are free, or more inclusions, that might be worth something to both you, and to us.

Only a $100 deposit reserves your space

The deposit comes off the trip price, and final payment isn’t due until 60 days prior to travel, making the trips not only affordable, but giving you the piece of mind in knowing that you won’t be facing a high priced trip because everyone is already sold out.

We have fun $300 trips!

This sounds stupid, but we really do! While we also offer the best of the best all inclusive trips over $1000, a lot of students just don’t have that kind of money to spend. Hit the beaches in Padre, we bet your car or someone’s car you know will make it, or go skiing with us, both trips are incredible, fun, and about $300.00.

Early Sign Up Bonuses get FREE:
14 quality, dine around meals at various restaurants with 3-10 different meal choices.

12-50 hours plus of free drinking & beer depending on destination

Included On-Site Destination Guide a valuable learning tool makes your trip hassle-free

On-Site Discount Book & Wristband saves you money with Exclusive discounts on activities, meals, side trips excursions, souvenirs, and more!

Free 0% Trip Financing. Reserve a trip with just a $100 deposit, which comes off of the trip price. The balance isn’t due until 60 days prior to travel, and there’s no interest charged.

24 Hour On-Site Staff

We do everything from meet you at the airport, give you a free orientation, and even check you into the hotel! Our staff is at all of our events at all times, giving you a piece of mind at all times.

Office Staff & On Line Support Help

Do you really want to book a trip with someone that makes you stay on hold for an hour, or seems like they are transferring you to some personal cell phone? That’s not cool, and with Wicked Fish, you’re guaranteed to speak with, or chat online with, a REAL PERSON.

Guaranteed Scheduled Air Travel

Travel to South Padre Island, or any of our Colorado Ski Trips, and you are guaranteed a scheduled airline ticket within 7 days of paying in full with the date, time, and place of departure and arrival. Even with our international destinations, most of our flights are on Continental, American, Southwest, or Sun Country Airlines.

Party with Celebrities!

Wicked Fish Tours has layers of contracts with promotional companies, night clubs, and affiliate partners that guarantees you cCelebrity sightings on our South Padre, Cancun, and Colorado Ski Vacation Packages from MTV’s The Real World and Road Rules. Don’t be fooled by imitators that bring down the talent “peak week” and have nobody exciting at their parties the next. We have our talent the entire month of March.

Best On-Site Parties!

Wicked Fish Tours offers the BEST parties attended by the most students PERIOD!

Escrow Account Protection

All trip monies are deposited into an escrow account with US Bank in Stillwater, Minnesota. US Bank is one of the largest financial institutions in the US, and no trip monies beyond required airline and hotel deposits are used until travel is completed. How’s that for financial stability! You’ll get the trip you paid for with Wicked Fish Tours.